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“The best outsider art available anywhere”

Fine Art by Exceptional Artists created during their Institutionalization

Make a donation to our tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and receive up to five pieces of exceptional art. The artists who created the art have been featured at our Kennedy Center shows. Now you can acquire a limited number of their original works at a fraction of their value.

Here are the three steps you need to take to obtain your valuable, socially-meaningful original art:

Step One: Choose up to five art pieces from this website (if they are visible here, they are still available, but please act quickly to avoid disappointment). View superb original art priced at $30 or $60 or $90 (shipping included).

Step Two: Note the piece number and requested donation for each art work you select.

Step Three: Use the Donate button at the top of this page to make your aggregate donation and enter the number(s) of the art piece(s) you want. You will receive a confirmation email.

Note: Donation are made with any credit card through PayPal which guarantees your complete satisfaction or a full refund.

When you receive your art you will get complete details about the artist(s), including full name and contact information should you wish to correspond with the artist(s) or commission additional works directly. For privacy reasons, we do not reveal this information before you receive your art.

This exceptional art was created in the tradition of Vincent Van Gogh who painted some of his best works while institutionalized, works that are now valued at tens of millions of dollars. Our artists reside or formerly resided in mental, correctional or rehabilitation facilities across America.

Please attend our FREE upcoming show at the Kennedy Center:

The Out Crowd and their Outstanding Art: A Multimedia Presentation of Outsider Art and Poetry

Write for full details and an invitation

Institutionalized artists seeking representation should write us at, 2512 Virginia Ave. NW, #58043, Washington, DC 20037. We never charge a fee to artists for representation, exhibition of their art or any other services provided.

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